Submissions Documents

Title Addressee Date Action
Wellington Electricity CPP draft decision Commerce Commission 2018-02-22 Info
Draft Security of Supply Annual Assessment 2018 System Operator 2018-02-16 Info
List of distributed generation eligible to receive ACOT, lower South Island Electricity Authority 2018-01-30 Info
Transpower letter, MEUG enquiry on LSI DG Electricity Authority 2018-01-23 Info
Cross-submission on airport price setting event PSE3 Commerce Commission 2018-01-26 Info
Powerco CPP draft decision Commerce Commission 2018-01-19 Info
Electricity price review draft terms of reference Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment 2018-01-19 Info
Hydro Risk Curve Assumption Feedback System Operator 2018-01-19 Info
Cross-submission on draft Transpower capex input methodology decision Commerce Commission 2018-01-16 Info
Submission - NZIER report to MEUG - Powerco CPP draft decision, Attachment Commerce Commission 2017-12-15 Info