Submissions Documents

Title Addressee Date Action
TPM Options working paper Electricity Authority 2015-08-07 Info
Retail data project: access to tariff and connection data Electricity Authority 2015-08-04 Info
North Taranaki Interconnection Investigation Transpower 2015-07-29 Info
Hedge Market Development Electricity Authority 2015-07-21 Info
Sharing SIR across the HVDC link Electricity Authority 2015-07-14 Info
HVDC component of Transpower’s proposed variation to the TPM Electricity Authority 2015-07-14 Info
MEUG to EA Consultation Paper - Settllement and Prudential Security Review 20-Aug-13 Attachment NZIER Report, Electricity market - settlements and prudential security review Electricity Authority 2013-08-16 Info
MEUG to EA X-sub on TPM 28-Mar-13 Attachment NZIER Report, Not time to revisit TPAG Electricity Authority 2013-03-28 Info
MEUG to EA Submission on TPM 28-Feb-13 Attachment NZIER Report Electricity Authority 2013-02-28 Info
MEUG to EA 2011-12 appropriations and work priorities 24-Dec-10 Attachment Letter to Hon Gerry Brownlee, "Energy Efficiency and the Role of the EECA" December 2008 EECA 2010-12-24 Info