Submissions Documents

Title Addressee Date Action
Preliminary UTS decision supplementary consultation Electricity Authority 2020-11-24 Info
TPM: First Mover Disadvantage Transpower 2020-11-18 Info
TPM: Prudent Discount Policy Transpower 2020-11-18 Info
Wellington Electricity consultation on EV Connect paper Wellington Electricity Lines 2020-11-06 Info
Review of the Trading Conduct provisions – Supplementary Consultation Paper Electricity Authority 2020-11-05 Info
Review of Thermal Fuel Information Disclosure - Guidelines Consultation Electricity Authority 2020-11-03 Info
TPM Transitional Congestion Charge Transpower 2020-10-21 Info
Wellington Electricity CPP to DPP draft decision Commerce Commission 2020-10-16 Info
Cross-submission on Connection Charges Transpower 2020-09-21 Info
Consultation on UTS preliminary decision (cross-submission) Electricity Authority 2020-09-16 Info