Submissions Documents

Title Addressee Date Action
TPM BBC draft assumptions book Transpower 2022-05-27 Info
SOSFIP and EMP Review 2022 System Operator 2022-05-06 Info
EDB Targeted ID Review cross-submission Commerce Commission 2022-05-04 Info
EDB Targeted ID Review Commerce Commission 2022-04-20 Info
Renewable Energy Zones consultation Transpower 2022-04-08 Info
GPB DPP3 reset cross-submission Commerce Commission 2022-03-28 Info
Settlement Residual Allocation Methodology cross-submission Electricity Authority 2022-03-24 Info
NZIER report to MEUG, MDAG Issues discussion paper, Price discovery under 100% renewable, 10-Mar-22 Electricity Authority 2022-03-15 Info
Submission to MDAG, Price Discovery under 100% Renewable Electricity Supply – Issues Discussion Paper Electricity Authority 2022-03-15 Info
GPB DPP3 reset Commerce Commission 2022-03-14 Info