Submissions Documents

Title Addressee Date Action
NZIER memo to MEUG, Advice on Transpower Capex Input Methodology, 14 June 2017 Commerce Commission 2017-06-14 Info
MEUG submission on Transpower capex input methodology review Commerce Commission 2017-06-14 Info
Input Methodologies review - Related party transactions Commerce Commission 2017-05-17 Info
Normal Frequency Management – Strategic Review Electricity Authority 2017-05-09 Info
Issues and Options Paper – Financial Transmission Rights development Electricity Authority 2017-05-09 Info
NZIER memo to MEUG, Wilton re-conductoring project cost allocation, 4 May 2017 Commerce Commission 2017-05-04 Info
MEUG submission on reconductoring the Central Park Wilton B line Commerce Commission 2017-05-04 Info
Services Engagement Paper Transpower 2017-04-28 Info
Consultation paper - Making hours-ahead price forecasts more accurate Electricity Authority 2017-04-04 Info
Transmission Pricing Methodology: Second issues paper: Supplementary consultation Electricity Authority 2017-02-24 Info