Submissions Documents

Title Addressee Date Action
MEUG submission & NZIER report to MBIE on Advancing NZ's energy transition ---- 2023-11-02 Info
MEUG cross-submission to EA on dispatch notification ---- 2023-10-13 Info
MEUG submission to ComCom - Targeted ID review ---- 2023-09-14 Info
MEUG submission to Transpower - Evolving security of supply assessment ---- 2023-08-31 Info
MEUG cross submission to EA - Distribution pricing reform ---- 2023-08-31 Info
MEUG submission to the Authority - Targeted reform of Distribution pricing ---- 2023-08-15 Info
MEUG cross submission to Commission - Draft IMs decision for Transpower ---- 2023-08-14 Info
MEUG submission to MfE on NZ ETS review ---- 2023-08-11 Info
NZIER report to Commission on IMs review WACC percentile ---- 2023-08-10 Info
MEUG cross submission to ComCom on IMs review ---- 2023-08-10 Info