Submissions Documents

Title Addressee Date Action
Default Distributor Agreement consultation timing Electricity Authority 2019-05-31 Info
OMV GSB Limited marine discharge consent application Environmental Protection Authority 2019-05-27 Info
Reform of the Overseas Investment Act 2005 The Treasury 2019-05-24 Info
Removal of constrained on payments for ramp-constrained generation Electricity Authority 2019-04-30 Info
Remaining elements of real-time pricing Electricity Authority 2019-04-30 Info
Options for Information Disclosure in the Wholesale Gas Sector Gas Industry Company 2019-04-17 Info
Spotlight on emerging contestable services Electricity Authority and Commerce Commission 2019-04-12 Info
Electricity Price Review options - supplementary feedback Electricity Price Review Expert Advisory Panel 2019-04-04 Info
Vector - accelerated depreciation application Commerce Commission 2019-03-20 Info
TDB Advisory, Gas Sector Governance, Interim Report Electricity Price Review Expert Advisory Panel 2019-03-22 Info