Submissions Documents

Title Addresseesort ascending Date Action
MEUG sub to TPNZ on lower SI economic GUP 14-Aug-09 Transpower 2009-08-14 Info
MEUG to TPNZ BPE-HAY A and B 26-Nov-10 Transpower 2010-11-26 Info
MEUG to Transpower Submission on Customer facing performance measures 05-Dec-12 Transpower 2012-12-05 Info
MEUG to Transpower Revised customer facing performance measures 16-Apr-13 Transpower 2013-04-16 Info
MEUG to Transpower Bunnythorpe-Haywards Conductor Replacement 18-Oct-13 Transpower 2013-10-18 Info
MEUG to Transpower CUWLP Review 2013 22-Oct-13 Transpower 2013-10-22 Info
MEUG to Transpower Initial consultation on possible TPM operational changes 08-Aug-14 Transpower 2014-08-08 Info
MEUG to Transpower, Second consultation on possible TPM operational changes, 19-Dec-14 Attachment NZIER Memo Transpower 2014-12-19 Info
Transpower's proposed variation Attachment_NZIER report to MEUG_Transmission pricing Transpower 2015-06-02 Info
MEUG to Transpower - Feedback on draft Annual Planning Report Transpower 2015-06-05 Info