Submissions Documents

Title Addresseesort ascending Date Action
MEUG to EA, WAG hedge market development, 19-Dec-14 Wholesale Advisory Group 2014-12-19 Info
MEUG submission to West Coast Regional and Grey District Councils re Arnold River proposal 21-Dec-06 West Coast Regional & Grey District Councils 2006-12-21 Info
MEUG to Transpower, Second consultation on possible TPM operational changes, 19-Dec-14 Transpwower 2014-12-19 Info
MEUG to Transpower re HVDC analysis assumptions 22-Jun-07 Transpower 2007-06-22 Info
MEUG to TPNZ on HVDC GIT 04-Apr-08 Transpower 2008-04-04 Info
MEUG to TPNZ on five smaller lower NI proposals 06-Nov-08 Transpower 2008-11-06 Info
MEUG to TPNZ re Wairakei ring GUP 19-Nov-08 Transpower 2008-11-19 Info
MEUG to TPNZ re GSC 30-Jan-09 Transpower 2009-01-30 Info
2009-09 MEUG to TPNZ re NIC 12-Feb-09 Transpower 2009-02-12 Info
MEUG to TPNZ re NIC 12-Feb-09 Attachment Strata Energy report for MEUG Transpower 2009-02-12 Info