Submissions Documents

Title Addresseesort descending Date Action
MEUG submission on Transpower's RCP4 Issues Paper ---- 2024-02-22 Info
MEUG submission to Authority on Retail market monitoring ---- 2024-02-29 Info
MEUG submission on peak electricity capacity issues ---- 2024-03-01 Info
MEUG submission on changes to the SOROP ---- 2024-03-07 Info
MEUG cross-submission on Transpower's RCP4 issues paper ---- 2024-03-13 Info
MEUG submisson on DPP4 financeability ---- 2024-03-15 Info
MEUG cross-submission on changes to the SOROP ---- 2024-03-21 Info
MEUG cross submission on DPP4 financeability ---- 2024-03-28 Info
MEUG submission to EA on future power system ---- 2024-04-12 Info
MEUG submission & NZIER report to ComCom on CEPA EDB report ---- 2024-04-24 Info