Submissions Documents

Title Addressee Date Action
Price discovery with 100% renewables - initial MEUG comments Market Development Advisory Group 2021-09-03 Info
Gas Market Settings Investigation Gas Industry Company 2021-06-24 Info
Infrastructure Strategy Consultation Infrastructure Commission 2021-06-24 Info
Commercial market-making scheme, levy consultation Electricity Authority 2021-06-22 Info
Feedback on fit for purpose regulation Commerce Commission 2021-05-28 Info
Proposed changes to the NZ ETS and levy regulations - Electricity Allocation Factor Ministry for the Environment 2021-05-28 Info
Phasing out fossil fuels in process heat Ministry for the Environment 2021-05-20 Info
Cross-submission on proposed actions to correct UTS 2019 Electricity Authority 2021-05-19 Info
Consultation Paper - Internal transfer prices Electricity Authority 2021-05-18 Info
Extended reserve code amendment Electricity Authority 2021-05-07 Info